PMS Relief Vitamins for ALL

Third-party tested vegan vitamins for pleasant periods, because no one should have to deal with PMS symptoms.


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Our delicious vegan, gluten, and cruelty-free gummies provide a therapeutic dose of vitamins and minerals designed to combat the symptoms of PMS. So ditch those placebo supplements, get real relief, and get back to doing the things you love! 

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ALAFIA | (noun) wellness [wel-nis]

ALAFIA, pronounced AH-LA-FEE-YA, means wellness in Yoruba. Our supplements are designed to up your wellness. And our products don’t just help you—10% of net proceeds support community-based mental health programs, so we can all be well. 

Each ALAFIA NATURALS Complete PMS gummy contains a mix of medicinal herbs and therapeutic doses of vitamins and minerals. Every single ingredient in our formula is proven to reduce the symptoms of PMS, including hormonal acne, bloating, debilitating cramps, and overall hormone imbalance.

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A PMS Gummy for Everyone!

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Did you know that you can experience symptoms of PMS even if you don’t have a uterus? It’s true! People who have had hysterectomies and those who were born without this organ can still suffer each month, due to hormone fluctuations. But ALAFIA can help! Whether you identify as cis, trans, intersex, or nonbinary, our products are designed to help everyone experiencing PMS and PMDD symptoms.  So if you’re tired of bearing the unbearable, ALAFIA NATURALS Complete PMS gummies are for you! 

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ALAFIA NATURALS’ mission is to increase community wellness.

Our products have you covered physically, but we know that mental health is also crucial. To that end, we donate a portion of every purchase to community-based mental health treatment organizations. Let’s help the world out, one community at a time!

  • Third Party
    Lab Tested

  • All Natural

  • Gluten Free
    and Cruelty Free

  • Black-Cohosh-Supplement-actaea-racemosa-or-cimicifuga-racemosa-PMS

    Black Cohosh

    A woodland herb native to the US, Black Cohosh is treats aches, pains and breast tenderness associated with symptoms of PMS.

  • Dong-Quai-Angelica-Sinensis-PMS-Herbal-Plant

    Dong Quai

    This potent herb is used to treat cramps associated with PMS. Dong Quai is known to have antispasmodic properties.

  • Chasteberry-Vitex-Agnus-Extract

    Chaste Berry

    From the fruit of the chaste tree Chaste berry has been used for centuries to address hormonal acne, mood swings and bloating.

  • Maca-Root-Lepidium-Meyenii-Brown-Root

    Maca Root

    A safe, non-toxic adaptogen used to help the body manage stress. Maca also is used help to regulate hormones as well as manage migraines brought on by PMS.

  • Vitamin-B6-Pyridoxine

    Vitamin B6

    Found in many meats, veggies, and some fruits, Vitamin B6 addresses a plethora of PMS symptoms most importantly hormone imbalance.

  • Calcium-Carbonate-Calcium


    Good ol' calcium, found in milk, cheese and other dairy. Calcium is best known for reducing the pain from cramps.

  • Diindolylmethane-PMS-Supplement

    DIM (Diindolylmethane)

    A versatile nutraceutical that is naturally obtained by eating vegetables (think broccoli, brussel sprouts, garden cress, mustard greens, turnips, and kale). DIM's super power is reducing acne and shortening periods.

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