Acne? Mood Swings and Bloating? Chasteberry To The Rescue!

What is Chasteberry

I know, you’re probably wondering why the hell we’re telling you about every single ingredient in our pms gummy. I know the only time I ever read the ingredients of what I’m putting in my mouth is when I'm standing in the aisle at Target seeing if the off brand has the same stuff in it as the expensive stuff. Trust me, when it comes to the supplements you’re putting in your body that are supposed to help with your PMS symptoms, you want to know exactly what the hell you’re eating. Feeling bloated, unhappy, cramping and dealing with hot flashes isn't something anyone wants to deal with, (Again, our gummies aren’t just for those of us with a uterus, they're for everyone!) and when the time comes to help ease those symptoms, you want to know just what the heck really helped to relieve you of that hurt.

The Benefits of Chasteberry

That brings me to the next ingredient in our vitamins. Chasteberry. When chasteberry was first found, the extracts were used to treat a variety of gynecological disorders and skin conditions, which is a major reason we decided to put it in our supplement. In recent years, scientific studies have shown that chasteberry can be used as a dietary supplement for symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, breast and chest pain associated with the menstrual cycle, infertility, and other conditions. Because let’s be honest: periods are terrible. And although these gummies aren’t just for cis-women who get periods, we also want to relieve the period pains of those who do get them as much as possible! Another HUGE benefit of having chasteberry in our vitamins is that it helps to regulate emotions and balance hormones.

How Does Chasteberry Help PMS?

Yup, so that means that those mood swings you seem to get every single time your premenstrual syndrome symptoms start acting up, this vitamin will help with that. This also means that it’ll help with those feelings of irritability and depression that creep in every single time you start to feel the onset. I’m telling you, we got you! We knew what you needed and we did our best to add everything you would need to get and keep it under control. 

Chasteberry and Complete PMS

We handpicked chasteberry as well as each and every other active ingredient in our PMS gummy. The benefits of chasteberry were so immense that we had to include it in Complete PMS. Chasteberry is one of the ingredients (black cohosh being the other) we included that has been clinically studied to show that it really does combat symptoms of PMS. We wouldn’t give you anything we ourselves don’t feel comfortable taking, so believe us when we say, this is the gummy for you!
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