Complete PMS, Calcium and Your PMS

Complete PMS, Calcium and Your PMS


Calcium and PMS

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has a wide variety of signs and symptoms, and we have an active ingredient to combat each one. We’ve talked about all of our natural ingredients and how they help to constantly relieve your symptoms and just why they help to take the pain away, we have just a few more active ingredients that we want to let you know about in our PMS gummies, but before that, let’s talk a little bit about some of the things you can do to help combat your symptoms along with taking our PMS vitamins. We want the most relief possible for you, so let’s talk about food. What can I eat and drink while PMS'ing that’ll help me to reduce a few of these symptoms?


Seroronin, PMS and Calcium

 Why is it that I always crave chocolate whenever these annoying traits of my premenstrual are about to come on? Why the hell do I crave Soda? Jerky? Weird food combinations ? Let’s talk about it. We’re not only here for your brain, we’re here for your stomach too! So let’s get straight into it. Why do I crave chocolate when I’m PMSing? Well, Hormone changes can cause a drop in blood sugar levels, and that leads you to sugar cravings. Serotonin levelsthe "feel good" chemical in your brain, the one that starts to spew out of your body when you see your crush in those jeans that make their butt look like a soft squishy peachalso tend to be lower during this time. When this starts to happen, we crave sugars and especially carbohydrates (like potato chips) because the body uses carbs to make serotonin. Your body just wants to make you feel good. So you start craving the salty and the sweet stuff.

Sweets and You PMS 

If you’re anything like us, you don’t care what’s healthy when you’re PMS'ing; you just want to feel better! But if you’re more on the "I want to be healthy" side of things, a few things you can eat when you’re PMSing to help those serotonin levels get a little higher are yogurt, dark chocolate, almonds, grapes, and lots of chicken. You wanna know one of the main ingredients in all of these serotonin creating foods that we just named? They all have a very high concentration of calcium, and it just so happens that that’s one of the main active ingredients in our PMS vitamin.

How Much Calcium to Consume For PMS Pain

Not to get too deep into all the medical jargon, but research does show us that calcium can really help you cope with some of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. A study of women taking 500 milligrams (mg) of calcium carbonate twice a day for 3 months found they had less fatigue, fewer changes in appetite, and less depression than women with PMS who did not take the supplement. The calcium effect on PMS is correlated to the production of serotonin, that little feel good drug in the brain we talked about early.

Basically, calcium is the thing in our PMS vitamin that’s going to help your muscles gain a tolerance and contract less, which will significantly reduce your cramping, and it’s going to give you that feel-good sensation and release all of that serotonin into your brain. This is the best thing on the market you can take for your PMS symptoms, and we wouldn’t steer you wrong!
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