Welcome The Creatine Gummy to the Gang!

Welcome The Creatine Gummy to the Gang!

Alafia Naturals The Creatine Gummy

Welcome The Creatine Gummy to the Alafia Naturals Team! We are so excited to offer The Creatine Gummy to our customers. As a wellness company we are constantly looking for new and innovative products to make your lives and your supplementation easier. The Creatine Gummy is the same high quality product you've come to expect from us, just like The Migraine Gummy. The Creatine Gummy also has a tapioca and pectin base, is flavored and colored with lemon and strawberry, has zero sugar, zero artificial flavors colors or dyes and most importantly has no corn syrup.

Why a Creatine Gummy?

We decided on creating a creatine gummy for two reasons, the first being that most of our staff tends to be gym rats and the second is that recent findings have found that creatine has been shown to help migraine and headache suffers a like. Specifically creatine monohydrate which is what the creatine in our gummies are. Creatine is not only stored in the muscle tissue but also in the brain tissue. While this information is still being studied, available information suggest taking 3 grams up to 20 grams (loading phase) to see quicker results.

Some studies have indicated that creatine supplementation could potentially improve cognitive processing, particularly in conditions characterized by brain creatine deficits, such as mild traumatic brain injury, aging, Alzheimer's disease, depression, and other pathologic conditions.


Head over to The Creatine Gummy page and let us know if you are interested in trying out the gummies! We worked on the flavor so the creatine gummy has a tasty lemonade flavor and no sugar as well as no artificial ingredients similar to The Migraine Gummy, but you let us know what you think they taste like.

Even though creatine is generally well tolerated by most people, always consult your physician before starting any new regimen. 

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